Facility Description


The Zebrafish Aquaculture Core facility consists of a main aquaculture room and a three room suite in Taylor Hall containing an Injection room, Fluorescence Microscope room, and a Quarantine room.

Main Aquaculture Room (510 sqft ), containing:

  • Centralized Aquatic System (Tecniplast)
    • 18 adult aquaculture racks with a capacity of 3,080 liters and 15,400 fish
    • two (2) nursery racks with a capacity of 198 liters and ~6,000 fry
    • one (1) genotyping rack with a capacity of 288 individually housed fish
    • drum filter
    • three (3) water pumps
    • two (2) heaters
    • automated dosing systems for salt and pH adjustments
    • carbon/particulate/UV filters
  • five (5) Tritone auto-feeding robots
  • one (1) iSpawn for mass embryo generation
  • a  6.5 cuft air incubator for embryo rearing

Injection Room (128 sqft), containing:

  • three microinjection stations, each with a Leica S6E stereomicroscope and either a Drummond Nanoject II or Sutter Instruments Picospritzer III injector
  • a Parker Instruments needle puller
  • a cell transplantation apparatus
  • a 13.2 cuft air incubator for embryo rearing
  • three (3) 20 liter rotifer culture buckets

Fluorescence Microscopy Room (81 sqft ), equipped with:

  • one Leica MZ16F fluorescence stereomicroscope, equipped with color digital camera and computer
  • one Leica M205C fluorescence stereomicroscope, equipped with high-speed monochrome fluorescence digital camera and computer
  • a glassware disinfecting station

The Zebrafish Aquaculture Core facility also includes a separate Quarantine Aquaculture Room (72 sqft), including:

  • one (1) Tecniplast aquaculture stand-alone rack with a capacity of 175 liters and 875 fish
  • two (2) linked Aquarius racks from Aquatic Enterprises with a capacity of 480 liters and 2,400 fish